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It's not (always) easy being green...but we need to try!

We are OPEN for business during this Covid-19 shut down period. Some service levels may be reduced in some areas but we are working as hard as ever!
It’s not (always) easy being green…but we need to try!

As prominently featured in the news and the internet; choosing a more sustainable way to live /eat/breathe, is key to our future. We won't use this blog to bark on about it, but we want to focus this month on our ongoing efforts as a company to help fix the future!

We are a waste management company, and waste is inevitable, but Site Solutions have the processes in place to ensure where we can recycle, it gets done. Whilst we are proactive being sustainable 12 months of the year, we wanted to use February as a month to share some of our green tips and processes.

We are paperless

Like most businesses in this era, we are proud to be an (almost) paperless office. Invoices, receipts, statements etc., are all electronic and sent to our customers by email. We also ask our suppliers to invoice us electronically to keep post to a minimum. Any small amounts of paperwork we do receive is recycled.

Green commuting

We chose an office location central to our homes to save the use of cars and so we can pop in and out when we need to, without time stuck in traffic. All members of staff live close to the office and walk or bike into work! A morning walk into work enjoying the beautiful Malvern hills is a great way to start the day!

...and the rest

We turn off any office equipment not in use, we try to keep all our electrics up to date and PAT tested to ensure they are running as energy efficient as possible. Old computers and printers are recycled correctly: check out our handy blog on our tips to recycle old IT equipment here

Recycle recycle recycle

Recycling waste is a fundamental part of our disposal solutions. If a customer requests it at time of order, we will obtain recycling rates from our sub-contractors. Our main aim is to ensure that all waste collected and disposed of is carried out efficiently and sustainably. We collect just about any form of waste and dispose of it correctly, from asbestos to scrap metal. Visit our Waste Management page for more information. click here

As a wise green frog once said: "It's not easy being green", but as a responsible business, we try and make a difference.

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