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Let's talk about...asbestos removal

Let’s talk about…asbestos removal

Hazardous waste takes many different forms and can be created by households as well as manufacturing, farming etc. In simple terms, if waste can be considered harmful to either humans, animals or the environment, it is classed as hazardous. For more details: click here

The total hazardous waste the UK produces every year isn't a pretty figure! Approximately 5.2 million tonnes of the stuff, and worse still, this is increasing by up to 8% per year. Rules for correct disposal has historically been less stringent, but better understanding has led to improved standards requiring designated disposal facilities. . Site Solutions naturally manages the route of disposal to the nearest facility. A 'cradle to grave' method is practiced on receipt of ANY waste, but more importantly hazardous material. We ensure the correct and safe disposal via our accredited and trusted sub-contractors.

As with all waste, the principle is eradication but, in most cases, it is simply unavoidable. So, in industries where producing hazardous waste is necessary, there are guidelines that must be followed:

  • Any waste should be separated between hazardous and non-hazardous and clearly labelled
  • Where appropriate waterproof covers, barriers or bunds are to be used to eliminate cross contamination
  • Waste stored on site should be checked regularly to ensure it is safe and secure

Site Solutions has updated the website to include the most common types of waste we manage on a day to day basis:

  • Construction waste
  • Demolition waste
  • House clearances
  • Fridges and freezers
  • Fly Tipped waste
  • Asbestos waste
  • Liquid waste
  • General mixed waste
  • Controlled waste
  • Scrap metal waste
  • Large volumes of inert waste

For more information on asbestos waste and the different types of waste we manage visit: click here

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