The Problem: 

Site Solutions Ltd were contacted by one of their customers following the damage to two business premises in London earlier this year. Buildings that housed two solicitors were damaged following a spate of bad weather causing flooding to the area. This resulted in the basements to both businesses becoming flooded, destroying archived paperwork. 

Our Customer, who we have worked alongside for several years providing waste management and site services, had been appointed by the Insurance company and therefore requested our assistance and advice in order to fulfill the requirements. 

Due to the sensitive nature of the archives, it was apparent that a bespoke solution was required in order to ensure compliance with the Data Protection Act and minimal disruption to the businesses. 

The Solution: 

Site Solutions work with a number of contractors in the area providing various specialist services and were able to source a supplier, who visited both sites on their behalf, assessed the work and provided a team to clear out the basements, and dispose of the damaged archives correctly. 

The waste was deemed as confidential and was destroyed at the correct facility, providing the necessary paperwork evidence.  

A certificate of destruction was completed and provided to the customer on completion. 

Our services for this project included: 

  • Arranged a bespoke solution tailored to our customer’s needs 
  • Organised and managed a suitable team eligible to handle confidential waste. 
  • Provided a Certificate of Destruction for the customer