Read our frequently asked questions about grab lorries, tippers and grab lorry hire.

What is a Grab Lorry?

Grab lorries are specially designed to ‘grab’ and transport large volumes of waste and are often used to collect and clear bulk waste to aid large projects in the construction industry. The hydraulic grab arm and bucket allows the grab lorry to collect waste over fences, walls or inaccessible areas and efficiently transport off site. A grab lorry can also be a cheaper alternative to a skip when bulk waste collection is required. For a comparison of the pros and cons of grab lorries vs skips Click here

Is it the same as a Grab Wagon?

Yes, a grab wagon is an alternative name for a grab lorry.

What is a Grab Lorry used for?

Grab lorries are normally used commercially, rather than for domestic waste, to collect and transport large amounts of waste for disposal. The use of the hydraulic arm means waste can be grabbed from almost any location, with limited manpower requirement.

What sizes are available for Grab Lorry hire?

There are typically three different grab lorries that we use depending on the waste or reach required. Get in touch with us for full details.

What volume can a Grab Lorry carry?

Grab lorries can carry up to 16 tonnes of waste, the equivalent of two builders skips.

What waste can go into a Grab Wagon or Lorry?

Inert waste such as soil, aggregates, concrete and topsoil can be collected in grab lorries. Some grab lorry operators are licenced to carry general waste too, which can make them an ideal choice for fly-tipped waste. Hazardous wastes such as batteries or asbestos or contaminated soil is not permitted.

How much access does a Grab Wagon or Lorry need?

The size of grab lorry dictates the reach capacity.

  • 4 Wheel: Up to 5.5m
  • 6 Wheel: Up to 6.2m
  • 8 Wheel: Up to 7.6m
  • The hydraulic arm means waste can be grabbed in hard to reach locations such as over a fence or a wall. If the lorry can be positioned parallel to the waste, it can be lifted.

Where should I leave waste ready for the grab to collect?

The best place to leave waste is in an open space away from low hanging trees and cables if possible. However, a grab lorry can normally lift waste from difficult to reach locations.

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