Read our frequently asked questions about using a waste broker or waste management company such as Site Solutions.

What is a waste broker?

A waste broker concentrates solely in the waste management sector. Site Solutions have a wealth of knowledge and excellent working relationships in the industry and act as an intermediary between customers and sub-contractors to organise and manage the collection and correct disposal of waste.

How does a waste broker work?

Brokers generally work in the same way; however, where Site Solutions differs is that we are a small business and that for us, customer service is all-important.

A customer calls with their requirements, be that skip hire, contaminated soils, grab hire, etc. Site Solutions get in touch with all of our accredited and reputable sub-contractors who would be suitable for the job to check availability and price. We don’t stop until we have found a solution.

Once the best deal is found, confirmation is needed from the customer and Site Solutions take care of the rest. Site Solutions ensure the right product gets to the right place at the right time, whilst managing issues that may arise in the process and also complete relevant paperwork. An invoice is produced for the customer at the end of the process. Simple.

How will a broker benefit me?

Site Solutions works commercially; if a one off skip hire is all you need, then a broker probably isn’t for you, but if you are a site manager or a shopfitter, carpenter etc., who requires regular skip hire or has more complex waste management needs, then a waste broker can help.

Site Solutions work to save customers the time and hassle of ringing around and booking hire. If you need a skip for a last-minute job or have difficulty with access to site and require some creativity in getting equipment to you, then we can help! We have all the tools to get what you need.

How do I know which waste broker to use?

Recommendations are gold dust when sourcing a good broker and our customers love the service levels they get from us.

An advantage of working with a small broker business is you can forget trying to battle through to the right department in call centres; a small business means one person at the end of the phone, 24/7.

All waste brokers should hold the correct accreditations and licences so this should be checked too.

What licenses does a broker need/have?

The waste industry is heavily regulated. A waste broker and all sub-contractors employed by a broker should have appropriate environmental licenses and waste permits. Site Solutions has an Environmental Agency licence and all relevant insurances.

How can Site Solutions help me?

Whilst we cannot talk on behalf of all brokers or waste management companies; we can let you know the benefits of working directly with Site Solutions:


We will organise EVERYTHING, saving you time and hassle

  • 30 day credit terms
  • ALL accreditations and licences are up to date and valid
  • We will price check to ensure you are getting the best possible price
  • Friendly, knowledgeable service
  • One point of contact