Pallet Collection & Recycling

Our waste management services now extend to pallet collection and recycling.

Site Solutions provide the answer for those companies with multiple depots across the UK. As a trusted, independent broker we will manage regular pallet collections and have them repaired, repurposed or recycled as appropriate. No more piles of pallets taking up valuable yard space, no more fire and health and safety risk – just one central point for all your pallet collection needs.

Leaving you with the space for the materials you need!



Our goal as a small waste broker is to contribute to a sustainable future. We therefore divert as much waste away from landfill as possible.

Pallets are widely used across many industries owing to their versatile and long-lasting properties and, what’s more, they can be recycled, reused and repaired, if damaged. Pallets collected by Site Solutions are either reused for the same purpose, refurbished or repaired if needed.

We aim for zero waste; pallets beyond repair are turned into wood chips and can be used in various ways including:

  • Landscaping Mulch
  • Pet Bedding
  • Boiler Wood
  • Processed Firewood
  • Wood Stove Pellets
  • BBQ Pellets
  • Asphalt Filling
  • Playground Mulching
  • Composting Material

How it works

  • You bulk up unwanted pallets
  • You call us and we will arrange collection
  • We source the best price to the nearest accredited sub-contractor and report back to you with a quote.
  • We can arrange regular collections at fixed rates for multiple depots.

Site Solutions (FM) Ltd are based in Worcestershire but operate all of our services nationwide. Get in touch with the team to get prices in your area.

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