A portable toilet, is an on-site free-standing toilet that can move from location to location. These are especially useful on building sites, for festivals and for other outdoor events where toilets are not available otherwise.

How Do Portable Toilets Work?

Portable toilets are made up of four core components:

  • Toilet seat
  • Holding tank
  • Flushing mechanism
  • And, the pressure system
  • A portable toilet flushes away waste into a holding tank underneath the toilet seat. Within this tank are chemicals which break down waste and kill germs.

Portable toilets flush by either using toilet chemicals or water from a water tank. Because everything is within the portable toilet itself, there’s no need to drain or connect to an exterior water source.

What Kinds of Portable Toilet Are There?

The most popular type of portable toilet is the recirculating chemical portable toilet, as described above. These are outstripping the previously popular type of portable toilet, a self-servicing portable toilet; instead of chemicals to break down the waste, this portable toilet has a removable tank which empties at a drain or waste disposal site.

Compost portable toilet are also becoming more fashionable. These environmentally friendly toilets work by separating solid and liquid waste. A scoop of composting sawdust completes the process. The waste container can later be emptied into a larger composting bin.

A variety of accessible portable toilets are available too. These tend to have a larger door and more interior space in order to allow people with disabilities, or one guest accompanying another (like an elderly parent or young child), to fit comfortably.

What We Offer

At Site Solutions, we can provide a wide range of portable toilet deliverable straight to your site. As well as a variety of storage and welfare units. Find out more about our construction waste services or get in touch!