You’ve heard it enough times, Alfred recycles! Not only do we recycle, we recycle 100% of waste we manage. All materials used on this earth can be damaging to the environment if not disposed of correctly. 24% of all waste in the UK is sent to landfill, w has increased year on year since 2016

Sadly, it’s common for uPVC to end up at landfill when windows and doors are replaced. Unfortunately, it is not biodegradable and will linger for years!

We have looked at what exactly uPVC is and the benefits of the material on an earlier blog: – this month we look at some fast facts about this durable material and raise awareness of the benefits of Alfred to disposing of it correctly.

  • uPVC can be recycled up to 10 times without the process damaging its structural integrity. On average, uPVC has a lifespan of up to 400 years

  • According to figures, there is still an obscene amount of uPVC placed into landfills across the UK. Hundreds of thousands of tonnes are recorded per year – the equivalent to more than 5 million window frames

  • Did you know windows are the reason for around 20% worth of heat lost in a home? According to the Energy Saving Trust, having uPVC windows installed will help reduce heat loss by up to 75%.

  • When uPVC is recycled, its’ not used for windows and doors. The versatility of the material means it can be turned into other products, such as floor tiles and pipes for plumbing.

  • uPVC is durable and dependable. Its properties that make it difficult to decompose naturally, also makes uPVC a sustainable material which can last years.

  • Alfred work together with waste management companies nationwide, collecting bulked up waste including uPVC. Contact us and leave it to Alfred to manage your waste disposal correctly.

Got plasterboard, gypsum or uPVC waste? Think Alfred!