Much like the meticulous work of a shopfitter, an event planner’s day is filled with a whirlwind of tasks and bookings, demanding precise planning and management. While location, entertainment, refreshments, and PR take the spotlight, waste management and site services are equally vital aspects that can’t be overlooked.

With Halloween upon us and the C word just around the corner, winter events are popping up here there and everywhere. Scare festivals, Santa’s grottos and Winter Wonderlands are advertised with thousands around the UK expected to attend.

Site Solutions have the knowledge, experience and are well equipped to deliver on all aspects of waste, site services and implementing sustainable solutions to all kinds of events, large or small, indoor or outdoor. If facilities are left unorganised or badly managed, rubbish can quickly cause major disruptions. Site Solutions will organise the most suitable solutions and ensure set up, delivery and collection is complete.

How can we help?

Waste Collection and Disposal: First and foremost, planning a waste disposal method is key. Large wheelie bins are recommended for any outdoor event, and you’ll need plenty of them! Site Solutions recommends and can offer 1100-litre wheelie bins and arrange for their collection at an appropriate time after the event.

Waste Sorting and Education: Arranging enough wheelie bins is one thing, but encouraging people to use them is another! Waste sorting stations are a good idea for larger events, complete with clear signage and staff members to manage them. Having these stations will ensure that waste is correctly separated.

Site Cleaning and Sanitation: Maintaining cleanliness and hygiene throughout the festival site is essential for a positive attendee experience. For busy events, it might be worth considering bin exchanges throughout the day to keep the site clean.

Portable toilets are also important facilities that need to be arranged for any outdoor event. For shorter events (up to 4 hours), it is recommended to have approximately 1 portable toilet for every 50 people. For longer events (over 4 hours), it is recommended to have 1 portable toilet for every 35 people.

Temporary Fencing and Barrier Solutions: Festival sites often require the strategic placement of temporary fencing and barriers to control crowd flow, designate specific areas, and ensure the safety and security of attendees. Having temporary fencing and barriers in place will ensure that the event is organized, effectively manages crowd movement, maintains order, and mitigates potential safety risks.

Site Solutions is a one-stop-shop solution for all event requirements,  call a member of the team today to take waste and site services off your list. For more information, give us a call today at 01684 353556 or email us at