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Types of waste

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Site Solutions Ltd are well equipped to manage, facilitate and dispose of just about any type of waste nationwide, but also to dispose of it correctly. Did you know if your waste isn't handled correctly, you, could be held liable as well as the waste company disposing of it? A tough truth, but a very important factor to be considered when sourcing any type of waste management.

Our network of accredited and trusted sub-contractors hold all the relevant insurances and required environmental licences to comply with legislation on the disposal of waste. Site Solutions have experience with managing the disposal of general mixed and hazardous waste and we know the sub-contractors for the job.

The waste market is very complex and heavily regulated, but Site Solutions have developed expertise in dealing with all types of waste including both hazardous and non-hazardous waste.

General mixed waste

This includes non-hazardous common everyday commercial rubbish.

Controlled waste

Otherwise known as regulated waste that is subject to legislative control in its handling and disposal. Waste types include domestic, commercial and industrial waste that is regulated because of any toxic or hazardous materials.

Scrap metal waste

Scrap metal can include all types of metallic waste, which is graded according to its value. Site Solutions can manage the recycling of all types of metals. If the value of the metal is great enough, Site Solutions are able to provide rebates to customers for the scrap collected. Our accredited sub-contractors have the correct legal permits to handle and recycle this material.

Large volumes of inert waste

Inert wastes include such things as sand, soil and concrete. These wastes are bulky and heavy but, if they are suitable can generally be re-used as a fill material. In order to be classified as inert, a waste must be clean, not mixed with other types of waste, and, if it is a soil, it will require a soil report to show that it is not contaminated. It is generally worth separating larger volumes of inert waste from other waste types as disposal rates are generally lower than for general waste.

Contaminated Soil

The ground, be it soil or some other substrate, can get contaminated in lots of ways. One common way is through a spill of oil or fuel (such as kerosene). Contaminated soil or hardcore can be classified as both hazardous and non-hazardous, but either way, it needs to be disposed of properly and responsibly.

Fly tipped waste

Fly tipped waste refers to the illegal disposal of hazardous or non-hazardous waste on land or water without a licence. Dealing with fly tipped waste is stressful and a nuisance for all those involved. Let Site Solutions take this off your hands and manage the safe and correct disposal.

Asbestos waste

Many buildings built pre 1980 can contain some sort of asbestos in the materials used for construction. Asbestos can be a hazardous material when disturbed and should therefore be handled safely and more importantly, disposed of correctly. Asbestos removal should NOT be done without the correct training and licences. Site Solutions only work with fully licensed and accredited sub-contractors who will dispose of it correctly.

Plasterboard waste

Plasterboard waste arises from demolition projects, off-cuts from new construction projects or rejects from the manufacture of plasterboard. Gypsum can no longer be mixed with general waste in landfill sites so it must be kept separate in the waste stream and an alternative method for disposal is required. Site Solutions organise plasterboard skips for construction sites and our sister company, Alfred, organises bulk disposal of plasterboard for recycling. Speak to us if you have either small or large amounts of plasterboard to dispose of and we are sure to be able to help.

Liquid waste

Liquid waste is commonly wastewater, fats, oils or grease (FOG), gases or sludges, both hazardous and non-hazardous. Site Solutions will arrange collection and safe disposal of all types of liquid waste, working together with specialist sub-contractors who will manage small and large quantities as required.

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